Chicago Rapper Tink Reinvents R&B in ‘Blunts & Ballads’ Mixtape

Chicago female emcee Tink has plenty to celebrate in the 2013. Days before the ball dropped, Tink dropped her highly anticipated “Blunts & Ballads’ mixtape.
Hosted by DJ Reese and DJ Victoriouz, the nine-track mixtape features guest appearances from fellow Chicago emcees Edai and Seven. Glory Boyz Entertainment member and Def Jam artist Lil Durk even makes an appearance on “Dat Ain’t Me.”
Tink, born Trinity Home, comes strong on “Blunts & Ballads.” Chicago Hip Hop’s heiress lets her competitors know her talent is unparalleled as she showcases her lyrical and vocal skills.
On “No Competition,” Tink has a personal message for rivals as she raps, “All in all I’m energized/ Replacing h*es like school supplies/ Do this sh*t for my squad and them and I won’t stop like I aint see the sign.”
But Tink makes sure listeners will not label her entirely by her lyrical ability. She lays some soulful vocals throughout the majority of the mixtape.
Though only 17 years of age, Tink affectively interweaves through topics of love, strained relationships, material possessions and money.
Tink’s strongest delivery comes when discussing the struggles of faithfulness and love in her relationships.
On “Somebody Else,” Tink croons, “I guess relationships, they not for me/ I don’t judge yo ass when you in them streets/ Ain’t no telling what you doing.”
In addition to her lyricism and vocal abilities, Tink’s songwriting ability is exceptional
Tink appears to be wise beyond her years. A high school senior, it is hard to fathom she is not yet an adult. Tink is a diamond in the rough. If she stays consistent and bypasses negative influences, the sky is the limit for her talent.
There is definitely more room for Tink to grow as an artist. She definitely has a story to tell.
Head over to Live Mixtapes to download “Blunts & Ballads” by clicking here.
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