Chief Keef’s ‘Hate Being Sober’ Studied At Ohio State University

Chief Keef’s music is purportedly being taught at a Health studies course at the Ohio State University. A professor used the lyrics of Sosa’s “Hate Being Sober” to probe the effects of marijuana, Molly (MDMA) and alcohol.
The white board lesson plan read:
“In his hit song, ‘Hate Being Sober,’ Sosa tells us, ‘I hate being sober/I’m a smoker [of marijuana]/Fredo a drinker/Tadoe off Molly [MDMA] water.’ If he and his friends habitually abuse each other of their individual drugs of choice, who is the most likely to experience physical withdrawals?
A. Chief ‘Sosa’ Keef B. Fredo C. Tadoe D. None of the above”
A fan sent Fredo Santana a snapshot of the OSU white board containing the lesson plan.
“Ohio State University this wat chall teaching lol,” Fredo commented on the post via IG.

Sosa and Fredo have long inspired students’ school assignments.
A fan drew inspiration from Fredo Kruger’s song “Up Them Poles” for her class assignment. The student pasted clips of the song’s lyrics onto a sheet of a paper and provided a brief explanation on what the lyrics meant to her.

“Did my project on Fredo Santana,” she wrote.

A young fan in Ontario, Canada cited Sosa’s “Love No Thotties” single during his literacy test.
The student’s writing task was to use specific details when describing a song of special meaning.
The student’s essay read:
“It’s meaningful to me because you can’t love, trust, feed a thot especially not make her feel welcome at your crib. In God we trust thots we lust. #OBlock #3hunna I Don’t Love No Thot
Chief Keef was appreciative of the gesture and posted a snapshot of the essay to his IG.
“Someone’s Essay At School Tho!” the caption on his post read.

Chief Keef and Fredo’s music isn’t just for turning up. It can be educational as well. The answers to the OSU white board question is B- Fredo. Alcoholics are more likely to experience physical withdrawals.

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