Chief Keef Wants To Box 50 Cent

Sosa really got no chill. The Glo Gang boss is trying to throw them hands with 50 Cent.

Days ago, Sosa went on an unadulterated rant and challenged the G-Unit boss after a fan scolded him for missing his scheduled “Hate Being Sober” music video shoot years ago.

Sosa wrote, “Tell 50 I said lets box… F**k u mean b***h!”

Sosa previously told Fif on Twitter to get over the missed video shoot.

“@50cent u still mad About me not showin Up to da desert? N—- get high F— dat song @wizkhalifa don’t give no f—- #GloUp,” Chief Keef wrote.

50 scolded Sosa for missing the shoot.

“Its not funny @ChiefKeef didn’t sell any records yet, they will pull the plug on him. SMSAUDIO,” 50 Cent wrote.

Sosa’s manager Uncle Ro explained why the young rapper missed the video shoot during an interview with Best Of Both Offices.

Chief Keef, he said, missed two flights to the video shoot during an interview with Best Of Both Offices.
“The label hooked it up and they set it up with Keef and they didn’t set it up with Keef’s team,” Manuel told Best Of Both Offices. “So, when it came time to fly out, he missed the first flight. Then he missed the second one. And then it was just like, you know, ‘Well we gonna come do it at another date, if that’s fine with you.’ It was nothing other than that, you know, all the rumors.”

Ro said Chief Keef isn’t used to scheduling video shoots.

Keef, he said, tends to schedule videos the day he wants to shoot.

“And a lot of people in the game looked at videos and do videos a lot different than we do,” Manuel said. “We just wake up one day and just feel like doing a video and we do it. Not you know, “We’re gonna do this on the 17th of this month, and we’re gonna do it at this time, and we’re gonna” — we haven’t shot videos like that. That’s not how we do it. It’s like, “Call up D. Gainz or call up such-and-such, let’s shoot something today.” We wasn’t ready to shoot nothing, we wasn’t in that mood, you know what I mean?”

50 Cent attempted to take Sosa under his wing and show him the ropes of the industry. Fif called Sosa Hip Hop’s best new artist.

Sosa’s bad press in 2012 prompted 50 to step in with the hope of molding the teen rapper for the better.

“@ChiefKeef is my boy I’m a get everything back in place for him. They were gonna just throw him out,” he wrote on Twitter.

“I told them at intrescope its not him he just has the wrong people around him.”

Chief says he long admired Hip Hop mogul.

“50 cent Always gone be my N*gga. I’m ridin to His old s**t now. 1 of the reasons for when I do go hard Why I do!

“I’m finna go in Da stu and goooo so crazy Thanks to @50Cent,

“50 was goin soooooooo f*ckin Crazy! Ion know who stabbed u ion Know who shot u

“Click Clack Pow Officer Down,” he wrote.

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