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College Student who Shot Himself in the Head During Video Chat Room Session Death Ruled an Accident

An online tragedy that occurred three months is providing the family of the victim some closure. Police have ruled the death of a teen who shot himself during an online video chat room session an accident, The Mirror reports

A college student accidently shot himself in the head during a video chat room session while horrified users watched helplessly.

Trevor George, 19, held a revolver to his hand and pulled the trigger, not knowing there was a bullet in the chamber. Witnesses reportedly told police the Bellevue University student, who went under the usernames TZIF and Jesus online, previously held a gun to his head as a joke.

Witnesses found themselves in a bind because they had no way of telling authorities the location of George. George’s parents were in the house at the time of his death, but didn’t hear a gun go off.

Police were eventually able to investigate the matter after a tip from a man in Florida who knew George’s identity.

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