Colleges, Employers are now Demanding Applicant Facebook Passwords

Gone are the days when employers would try to search their prospective job candidates on the Internet to find out more about them.

Some employers, government agencies and colleges are now getting straight to the punch by asking their candidates for their Facebook password, according to MSNBC.

MSNBC reports Marylands Department of Corrections asked applicants to let an interviewer watch as they log into their Facebook account. Additionally some colleges reportedly require athletes to accept friend requests from coaches.

A clause in the handbook at the University of North Carolina is identifies this practice:

“Each team must identify at least one coach or administrator who is responsible for having access to and regularly monitoring the content of team members’ social networking sites and postings,” it reads. “The athletics department also reserves the right to have other staff members monitor athletes’ posts.”

State Rep. La Shawn Ford (D-Chicago) is attempting to deny employers “access to personal information” with a bill introduced by the Illinois legislature that bans employers from asking for applicants’ social media passwords, according to WJBC.

Ford acknowledges people’s sensitive banking issue also become at risk.

“If legislators had to give their Twitter and Facebook account passwords how would they like that? They wouldn’t like it. They wouldn’t want to give their password to anyone because it’s their personal password,” Ford said.

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