Comedian Lil Duval Receives Backlash for Jokes on Frank Ocean’s Sexuality

Atlanta-bred comedian Lil Duval is never shy to offer his opinion with a comedic twist.

Lil Duval, who is known for his brash sense of humor, said Frank Ocean’s decision to come would make him more marketable.

“Y’all know damn well frank ocean gon sell more album now that he’s come out,” he said. “That was a smart move.”

“Being Gay pays nowadays,” he continued. “U gon see a lot straight dudes saying the Gay pretty soon watch.”

Duval even tweeted a question to R&B crooner Frank Ocean himself.

“sooooo #frank_ocean are u gon be serenading men on stage?” he asked. “I just wanna know so I know when to go to the bathroom at yo show.”

Duval’s tweets soon received a bit of backlash from many users on Twitter. Twitter user kayypea ‏@kayypea tweeted the comedian, “No one is in the mood for your cheap jokes at someone else’ expense FOH.”

The comedian soon became irate and responded, “I swear some of y’all are so f**king sensitive. Go follow rev run and the notebook.”

Lil Duval has long revealed his sister as being a member of the LGBT community. Duval quipped if his “gay a** sister” finds a “gay joke” he does funny, then it’s ok for him to say it.

“F**k the rest of y’all,” he tweeted.

“If I was Gay can I tell jokes about gays? Or is it still off limits?”

Were Lil Duval’s jokes insensitive? If Lil Duval were gay, would his jokes be more acceptable? Sound off below.

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