Did Fredo Santana Leave Chief Keef & GBE To Form Savage Squad Records?

“I’m the CEO of my own record label SavageSquadRecords i don’t need no help I do this shit on my own” – Fredo Santana

Glory Boyz Entertainment Records, co-founded by Chief Keef and cousin Fredo Santana, is one of the most popular labels ever started in Chicago.
The label comprises some of the Chi’s most well sought after talent, including Lil’ Reese, SD, Gino Marley, Capo, BallOut, Tadoe, Tray Savage and Capo.
But Mr. Fredo Kruger has been recently stirring a buzz after taking to social media to promote another record label aside from GBE- Savage Squad Records.
“I’m the CEO of my own record label SavageSquadRecords i don’t need no help I do this shit on my own,” he wrote on Twitter.

With Fredo having formed a new record label, it raises the question, “Did Fredo Santana leave GBE?”
In court records obtained by, details of Chief Keef’s Interscope contract emerged with the 18-year-old MC striking a three-year deal with a $440,000 advance to build up the GBE label.
Keef and manager, Rovan Manuel, each received $180,000. The two each own 40 percent of the record label. Fredo Santana, born Derrick Coleman, was paid a $40,000 advance and received 10 percent interest in the label.
GBE also received $200,000 for “overhead” expenses, which will cover office, travel, entertainment, “salary cost” and promotion.
But Fredo is deciding to put his energy into his newly formed label expressing his passion through Twitter.
“SavageSquadRecords we on a different level


“SavageSquadRecords we on top

“Savage Squad yo bitch wanna know us,” he wrote.

Fredo even announced he signed GBE member SD, which raises another question: “Did SD leave GBE?”
“S/o to @SD_GBE300 the newest member of #SavageSquadRecords #TurnUp,” he wrote.

Fredo’s Twitter account makes no mention of Chief Keef or his closest GBE associates Tadoe, Capo, BallOut and Tray Savage, further fueling questions of his departure.

Fredo has long carried an independent mindset with goals of being the frontman of his own business venture.
Fredo expressed his desire to be his own boss six months ago during an interview with online music publication Noisey.
“I wouldn’t want to sign to nobody, you know. I mean why would I sign to somebody, so they could like, I feel like I got my own thing,” Fredo told Noisey. “I’m my own person, I don’t need to sign to nobody. Then they’re gonna want me to do what they want me to do.”
Fredo says the allure of signing a multi-million dollar contract with a major record label doesn’t entice him.
“It ain’t the money, it’s about position,” he continued. “And letting me be me, and believing in me. Not just about some money, and just giving me some money and you know, here, and putting me on some shelf and my shit don’t ever come out. Nah, I’ll just do my own thing.”
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