Does Kyyngg Deserve A Spot On 2017 XXL Freshman List?

Does #Kyyngg Deserve A Spot On the 2017 XXL Freshman List? ? #xxlfreshman2017

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XXL is preparing to announce their selection for the 2017 XXL Freshman List. New Orleans rapper Kyyngg has been making noise on social media, and took to IG Live to offer his thoughts on his very own possible selection on the list.

“For one, stop asking me about an XXL. I’m not worry about who on no XXL,” Kyyngg said. “Ain’t not one of em f*****g with us. Ever since March last year I been dropping the hottest s**t. I don’t give a f**k about XXL.”

Does Kyyngg deserve a spot on XXL? Watch Kyyngg talk XXL above.

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