Drake Disses Meek Mill In ‘Charged Up;’ DWMTM Rapper Responds

Meek Mill nearly damaged Drake’s rap credentials by accusing the Toronto rapper of using ghostwriters.
Drizzy struck back with his emotionally charged track “Charged Up.”
He raps, “I did some charity today for the kids / But I’m used to it cause all y’all charity cases / All y’all stare in my face and hope you could be to replace me / Snitchin’ on us without no interrogation / I stay silent ‘cause we at war and I’m very patient.”
Drake doesn’t directly call out Meek, but speaks on the ghost writing allegations, rapping, “Wow, I’m honored that you think this is staged / I’m flattered man, in fact I’m amazed / The perfect start to the summer man, this shit is a doozy / This shit is twistin’ the movie, but don’t jump to any conclusions / You boys aren’t getting’ any of your feelins on me / You should embrace it this could be one of our realest moments / OK, the flow’s startin’ to feel familiar, don’t it? / Must I remind you that Jimmy got twenty million on it.”
“I seen it all comin’ I knew they would push a button / Easter egg huntin’, they gotta look for somethin’ / I’m done doin’ favors for people / ‘Cause it ain’t like I need the money I make off a feature / I see you niggas havin’ trouble goin’ gold / Turnin’ into some so-and-so’s that no one knows.”
Drake goes on to say there are more important issues occurring in America like police brutality.
“Cops are killin’ people with they arms up/But your main focus is tryin’ to harm us?” he raps.
Meek took to Twitter to respond to Drake’s track
“Baby lotion soft……

“I can tell he wrote that 1 tho……,” he wrote.

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