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Duke Da Beast Makes His Own Rules In ‘Yung Trend Setta’ Mixtape

Fans kept asking and Duke Da Beast finally gave them what they wanted. Duke unleashed his latest catalog of music to fans’ delight. Duke is a “Yung Trend Setta.” A trendsetter is an automatic leader. Never in history has a trendsetter been likened to a follower. A trendsetter doesn’t force leadership upon his followers. People are automatically drawn to him. Duke was bound by no rules in his DJ Cortez-hosted project as he got creative with the production assistance of Born Ready Productions and Nick E Beats.

Duke lays out why he sets trends in his opening track, rapping, “Them n-ggas walking round like they go the clout, but they know I’m the Clout King/The way I’m stunting, flexing flipping the scene, it feel like I’m living a dream.”

Duke tells listeners to believe less of what they hear and more of what they see. A lot of people claim to be 100, but Duke sees right through them. Duke has to separate the real from the fake.

“A girl will tell you anything. A n-gga will tell you anything too, man,” Duke says in the opening seconds of song “For What.”

Duke, on the other hand, is always going to keep it real. The South Side rapper teaches listeners to watch the company they keep, rapping, “I vow to never change just like the clothes on a bum/And I don’t f-ck with no b-tches unless I know they 100/Ain’t got no feelings cause my feelings to numb.”

Stay in your lane if you ain’t bout that life, Duke warns imposters. Only beasts play in the lion’s den. They eat pussycats for breakfast. In Duke’s case, the streets are his domain and he roams freely through his terrain looking for prey to pounce on.

Don’t get “Involved” or else. The else is stated in Duke’s rhymes as he raps, “You are not about that life, riding around, me and Ike/50 shots up in that pipe/Disrespect, I take your life/Shoot sh-t like I’m shooting dice/You try me, I ain’t thinking twice.”

There’s only one drink that allows Duke to ease his mind as he whips the work. Duke alternates between taking swigs of “Ron Barcelo” rum and puffing loud as he maneuvers the kitchen for his illegal endeavors.

Duke raps, “B-tch, I’m married to the money, and you know we never broke up/Jugging, got the whole trap sewed up/Cooking work up in the kitchen, smell the odor/Two bricks for the one, tell em hold up.”

Duke been hanging with wolves ever since he jumped “Off The Porch.” It was at the age of 13 when Duke decided he wanted to see what the hood was about. He was instantly thrust into a world of crack dealing and crime. This, of course, kept money in his small palms and had him rolling with a crew of guys. The little bit of innocence he had was now gone. He was now crooked like the older block guys as he raps, “I had to jugg and I had to finesse/Cause if you tryna get that cat, then you gon have to chase that bag.”

Duke slows the tapes down by track nine and has music for the ladies to enjoy.

Duke let listeners know in his opening track he was clouted. If you misheard him the first time, he’s going to tell you again. The Yung Trend Setter talks being well respected in song “Clout Like Me.” He raps, “I’m walking round with big racks in my jeans/Don’t try to rob me, you’ll get left on the scene/It ain’t no lackin boy, the streets is so mean.”

A sexy twerker got Duke mesmerized. Duke “Like That,” so he continues to tip her generously. Duke is so pleased with the young lady’s performance he had to make a song. He raps, “I ain’t know she can move like that/Bend over, twerk like a motherf-cking fool like that/Make the p*ssy wetter than a pool like that.”

Duke is “Laid Up” in love on track 11. Perhaps it’s with the young lady from track 10. Whatever the case, Duke serenades this record, singing, “I can’t lie bae, I know how you be feeling/I be gone, never home, and you missing my feeling.”

Relationship problems have Duke Da Beast troubled. He and his girl are going through it. Duke is tested in this track as he has to decide whether or not to fight for his relationship or walk away. He sings, “I don’t know where we went wrong, but I don’t want to do this sh-t no more.”

Duke is living life with “No Regret.” How could he not? He earned his respect in the streets and gets plenty of love from being a young trendsetter. He lets this be known, rapping, “Everybody showing me respect, they know me off of running through a check/And they know a n-gga clouted up, I got the money on deck.”

Duke mixed it up on his song selection on this project. The South Side Chiraq rapper has tracks for the streets to rock to and music for the ladies. Duke regards himself as a trendsetter in the streets and rap game. If this is indeed the case, which it undoubtedly is, we can expect Duke to keep fans anticipating new music on his upcoming projects. But Duke’s newest project will keep fans’ ears occupied until then. Download Duke’s “Yung Trend Setter” mixtape below.

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