Famous Dex Reacts To Texas Goons

Famous Dex doesn’t have time for the foolery. A group of young men who refer to themselves as Tangle Gang posted a series of videos online threatening Dexter.

Dexter took to Twitter to say he wasn’t entertaining the hate.

“I’m Balling Now They Hating

“Stop Hating On Dexter An Get Some Money,” he wrote.

Dexter added, “Notice that I don’t pay attention to BullSh*t. Life to Short for All that, when u Winning An Keeping God 1st at all Times. #LetThemHate.”

Tangle Gang claim Dexter owes them $15,000.

“We taxing on site,” one of the young men said.

Tangle Gang also announced they are planning to release a diss record.

Check out video of Tangle Gang’s threats above.

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