‘F**king Coons’ to not be used by Prosector in George Zimmerman Trial

Another plot twist has come into play in the George Zimmerman trial. Prosecutor Angela Corey does not “believe” the racial slur “f**king coons” was used by Zimmerman in a 911 audio.

She believes the 28-year-old neighborhood watchman, who approached Trayvon Martin, 17, with a loaded handgun on Feb. 26, said the term “punks”. The confrontation ultimately resulted in the death of Martin after an apparent scuffle.

There has been much debate over the word that was uttered by Zimmerman in the call. Joe Oliver, Zimmerman’s “close friend,” believed the Zimmerman used the term “goons,” calling it a “term of endearment.”

Corey filed the document on Thursday. This may mean the prosecutor will not use this clip of the 911 audio as evidence.

Zimmerman appeared in court Thursday entered a plea of not guilty to charges of second-degree murder. Zimmerman is expected to ask for bail.

Do you think Zimmerman said a racial slur or something else? To listen to audio, head over to Collegiate NetVision (CNV) by clicking here.

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