Fredo Santana In Hospital After Suffering Seizure, Fans Believe Lean Is To Blame

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Fredo Santana is currently in the hospital after suffering a seizure. Fredo took to IG to show a picture of himself wired up in his hospital bed.

Fredo captioned his post, “When u working hard no sleep u get sleep deprived an have a light seizure.”

Many fans are attributing Fredo’s hospitalization to overconsumption of Lean. Lean, often called “sizzurp” or “purple drank,” is a drink concoction made of Promethazine-Codeine cough syrup, Sprite and Jolly Rancher candy. The drink has its origins in the South after Houston producer DJ Screw popularized it.

Famous Dex, who admitted to overcoming his battle with ecstasy and xanax, told Say Cheese TV during an interview he is trying to kick his Lean habit.

“To be honest, I just smoke a lot of pot. I’m like Ted, I smoke a lot of pot. I sip Lean here and there,” he told Say Cheese. “I don’t do ecstasy no more. Thank God for that. I told God to take that out my life. I been left the xans alone. I thank God for that, too. I been asking God to take this Lean out my life. I been sipping a lot of syrup. I been smoking a lot of weed.”

Dex said he is trying to cut back on Lean after witnessing a friend with sickle cell anemia have seizures after inducing the drink.

“Lean is an emotional drug,” he said. “It’d make you mad at the motherf*****r. You get it, you’d be happier than a b***h.”

Lil Herb was an avid sipper of Lean. He commented on IG he couldn’t drink anything less than four ounces and anything bigger than 20 ounces.

But those days of getting high off the drank are long gone. G Herb revealed during an interview with XXL Mag how he gave up his addiction.

“It’s really just a bunch of reasons I had for not drinking lean. I’ve been drinking lean since I was like 15,” he said. “Lean is a real drug, a very powerful drug. And I was addicted to it. It’s a mind thing. And like, I’m honest, I loved drinking lean but I was always in control. It was really just a matter of me growing up and it was really doing something to my body. Now, there’s a lot of bonuses with it like you save money. It’s a real expensive habit, you know what I’m saying? So it was really me maturing and realizing I don’t really need it and I ain’t letting nothing control me. So, I’m just trying something different. And it’s not even like a phase. I really want to go clean for like at least a year, two years so I can really get in control and meet the milestones I want to meet. Then, maybe get back into that, but not the way I was at first. I control what I do. It was my bad habit.”

Herb isn’t the only Chiraq rapper who was addicted to Lean. Sosa told fans in December 2013 that he no longer drinks the addictive beverage during a rant about his style of music.

“King Keef Has no Genre Nor Language #JusGloTalk Understand Or suck my Duck Oan I don’t sip lean nomo,” he wrote.

Lil Wayne’s seizures have been attributed to Lean.

Dr. George Fallieras, an emergency room physician and hospitalist at Good Samaritan Hospital, said codeine is an “opiate” and is in the “same family of drugs as h—– and morphine,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Fallieras commented codeine addiction is the same as h—– addiction, only without the needles. This is due to the large amounts of codeine Lean drinkers induce.

He further said it is difficult to overcome Lean addiction and likened codeine withdrawal to the worst flu possible.

“One patient said to me, ‘Imagine the worst flu when you’re shivering, you’re vomiting, you can’t eat, you have diarrhea, every atom in your body hurts, you can’t sleep, you lie on the floor just shivering … and multiply that times a million,’” Fallieras told the Times. “And you know if you can just take the pill or inject yourself with h—–, that it just all goes away.”

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