Guy Who Fought Meek Mill At St. Louis Airport Says G Herbo Is His Favorite Rapper

Justin Card garnered overnight fame after he was involved in a fistfight with Meek Mill and the Dreamchasers.

Card opened up on the incident in a video posted online. Card is no stranger to taking photos with celebs. Card has taken photos with Waka Flocka, Swagg Dinero and G Herbo, and was taken aback by Meek Mill’s refusal for a photo.

Card regards Herb as his favorite rapper.

Card spoke with TMZ about the incident.

“It all started yesterday when they came to the airport. I work at the airport. I transport people at the airport,” he said. “I see a lot of rappers and I show em love. I was like, ‘Wassup Meek? Can I get a pic?’ He was like, ‘Nah.’ Then I just said my opinion about rappers, ‘How y’all do us like that and we the fans. You too good to speak?’ I guess some dude in his group got mad like, ‘You a b***h.’ I was calling him ‘b***h’ back. Then today when they came, they walked up on me. One of the witnesses heard Meek say come get me. They seen me. They knew who I was. Two dudes walked up on me. They was like, ‘You still tryna fight me.’ I was scared. I’m at work, so I’m just defending myself cause I know he was finna punch me, so I swung first.”

Card’s cousin De’Angelo Webb was hit in the eye.

Meek Mill, he said, was also involved in the assault.

“Meek Mill hit me in the back of my ear,” he said. “My knuckles swole. They scratched me. I got scratched on my knuckle. I got video I sent you with me lip was busted. My lip was busted, it was swollen. I went down.”

The young man says he was fired after the incident.

Meek and the two airport employees were charged with misdemeanor assault. They were issued a summons to appear in court.

Meek could possibly face serious consequences for his role in the assault, The Philly rapper was almost incarcerated for violating his probation for a weapons and drug conviction in 2015. A judge sentenced him to six months on house arrest and six years of probation.

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#meekmill released from police custody following fight with crazed fan

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