Hittz Catches A Case of ‘Windy City Blues’ In Thought-Provoking Song

Urban Blues originated from Chicago during the Great Depression. The times might’ve changed but the Blues remains the same. African Americans have long suffered a case of the Blues in the racially oppressive South. But many African Americans who migrated to the Windy City during Great Migration still found themselves facing extreme poverty and racism. Fast-forward to 2015 and our people are still catching hell and a case of the Blues.
South Side Chicago artist Hittz breaks down present-day Chiraq’s problems in his Cash Bag Beats-produced record titled “Windy City Blues.” Hittz touches on racism, unemployment, drugs, young mothers, fatherless households, community division, violence and much more in his thought-provoking track.
He rhymes, “The sad thing about it we can’t get no jobs/So we forced to sell drugs or be living fraud/They always mention how we hit em up with tools/But they fail to mention how they closing up them schools.”
The large pool of talent flooding the inner city streets of Chicago has gotten a bright spotlight put on the City. The hot music scene could possibly fix the myriad of issues plaguing Chicago’s urban community, but Hittz is pessimistic due to the division and beefs.
He raps, “Our music scene popping that could get us on/But these streets is so divided we can’t get along/I would provide for everyone, I change it if I could/But different gangs going to war cause we from different hoods/Fingers squeezing on them triggers til they all tired/Little children getting caught up in the cross fire.”
The question to be raised now is can a cure for the Blues to be found? Weigh in on this topic after listening to Hittz’s ‘Windy City Blues’ below.

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