I.L Will Drops ‘Walkin Band’ Music Video

I.L Will walks like money. This is one of many reasons he is a “Walking Band.”
I.L is promoting his latest single from his “Dope God” mixtape. I.L sought video guru DGainz to put together the visual for this project.
I.L hits the track, rapping, “Shorty, I’m a walking band, yo I be popping rubber bands/I got b*tches taking pictures of they p**sy Instagram/I be smoking on extendos like a limo to the head/Tell a bitch to get the f- – -k on once I give her lime head/Since I’m trapping and I’m rapping, b*tches heard I got them bands.”
The M.I.C. rapper brought out the churrin to rock out for this piece.
Lil Kemo makes a cameo appearance in the visual.

Download/stream I.L Will’s “Dope God”

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