I.L Will Gives Thought-Provoking Sermon To Chiraq Community In ‘Holy Grail’

“If a n-gga take my life, I might tell him thank you/Cause this world we living in make me feel unstable.” – I.L Will

I.L Will is in search of the holy grail. But there’s a venomous rattlesnake preventing the K-Town rapper from attaining his blessings. This is life in Chiraq for many people. I.L vents his frustrations in his Timmy Da Hitman-produced single.
I.L raps, “You got potential, can’t nobody tell you otherwise/They tryna send you off, so how the f-ck is they yo guys?/It’s way more to life, I’m tryna make you realize/You either picking up the book or cocking back the nine.”
It’s a catch 22 in the city, according to I.L. You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. An innocent person can be a casualty in Chicago’s ongoing war.
“He was innocent, but still that bullet hit his spine/He was going to the NBA, that’s over now,” he raps.
I.L goes on to address predominantly matriarchal single parent households in his community. He talks longing for a father to steer him in the right direction.
“It’s like the devil the only thing in our f-cking conscious/We got no fathers, nobody to warn us about this nonsense,” he raps.
I.L also revealed he dabbled in drugs at an early age because there was nobody to advise him against it.
“I was a shorty, all I knew was grab a pill and pop it/Cause ain’t nobody gave a f-ck, ain’t nobody watch me,” he raps.
I.L goes on to address the image of the women and men in his community. The women, he said, aspire to be h-es and the men want to be gangsters.
He raps, “The way these females are today you can’t tell who a thotty/Or who a woman cause all these h-es exposing they bodies/And all these n-ggas gangsters now/They stunting/Everybody gon shoot now.
“In my neighborhood, I see the pain and the suffering/In Chiraq you can die just because summer.”
I.L goes on to address women who don’t know what real love is. It is these women who jump in and out relationships in a rush to find companionship.
I.L raps, “Women crazy nowadays, don’t know who to blame/You don’t love yourself, but want this n-gga last name/You don’t love yourself, you get no love in exchange.”
In conclusion, I.L hopes to use gift of rhyming to make a way for himself.
Damn. Not much more can be said. Listen below.

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