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Jhonni Blaze Speaks On Plies Getting Body Slammed Off Stage

Plies’ was body slammed off a stage during a concert in Tallahassee earlier this month. Jhonni Blaze sat down with DJ Smallz Eyes ot give her take on the incident.
“The story I heard is the fan wanted to shake his hand and he disagreed,” she said. “I don’t know the story too much.”

Plies’ attacker, who suffered injuries by security following his infamous suplex, spoke out to give his account of what led to him slamming the “Shawty” rapper.
“I’m like aye man ‘I’m a try to shake this n-gga hand,’” he explained. “When I was in high school, his manager f-cked with me. So I make my way to the front and sh-t. When I got close, security moved me back. Plies called me back to the stage. I’m like ‘Plies, man. What’s up bruh? I just wanna shake your hand. …I f-ck with you, bruh. You one of my top five favorite artists.’ That n-gga start talking that f-ck sh-t. So I dropped his ass like any real n-gga would do like ‘B-tch, f-ck you, bruh.’ Because you don’t f-ck with me, why the f-ck I’ma f-ck with you. I don’t give a damn what your record is or how real you is.”

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