Mixtape Review: King Yella- ‘Clout King’

Here ye, here ye. Your Cloutness has arrived.

(Cue the horns)

King Yella is the undisputed king of Clout. Check his online and street rank. The Skeeze Gang boss is unrivaled. Yella provided fans his latest project with great timing. Yella’s project is entirely produced by SpenCity Beats, so fans can expect some trunk rattling bangers.

King Yella lets you know he is not a rapper in his opening record. He is simply a real n*gga who speaks the truth. If you want to know the story of an authentic Chiraq street guy, look no further. This is the perfect project to stream. Yella lets you know what to expect from the project in the opening record.

“I rap about sh*t that I did. Sh*t that I want. Sh*t that I need. Sh*t that I got,” he said.

Yella wastes no time cranking up the intensity on this project. Yella’s collaborative joint with Lil Jay is straight flames. The two artists are simply “Goin Dumb.”

Yella opens this record, rapping, “12 on my bumper, I’ma take me on one/Couple bricks on me and I gotta big gun/30 in this clip, boy you know I’m shooting/Balling in these n*ggas feeling like I’m Jordan.”

Lil Jay blazes this track, rapping, “Trap going crazy, b*tch I’m cooking work/I got straight drop for the fiends, you be selling dirt/I got sour diesel and I got some purp/F*ck n*gga, if you scared, go to church.”

King Yella is Skeeze Gang crazy. Yella goes crazy in his “Skeeze Flow Freestyle Pt. 1,” rapping, “I’m the King, all you f*ck n*ggas queens/I’m in your nightmare, f*ck a dream/You f*ck n*ggas know I keep that beam/If I shoot you in your brain, you not gon scream.”

Yella keeps the hot features coming in track five. Yella tapped Billionaire Black and Butta Da Great for song “Ain’t Sh*t.” Money, jewelry, foreign whips and bad women ain’t nothing to Clout King and Clout God.

Yella raps, “I’ma get them bands and I’ma f*ck it off/Lil b*tch on my d*ck, she suck me til I’m gone/I’m King Yella, b*tch you know I am the boss.”

Billion follows Yella, rapping, “I would f*ck yo b*tch, but she ain’t sh*t to me/Make that b*tch suck my d*ck cause she ain’t sh*t to me/Told her break down a brick cause she ain’t sh*t to me/Now I’m flexing like a b*tch cause it ain’t sh*t to me.”

King Yella got a perfect record for the thotianas. Yella loves him a “Freek.” But don’t we all. Yella hooked up with A Fly Visual to film a music video to accompany this single. The vixens chosen for this visual get downright nasty for Yella Boy.

Yella raps, “She so wet, she a freak/She like she was swimming on a beach/That ass so fat like a peach/I swear to g-d, b*tch, I wanna eat.”

Yella may want a freak, but that’s only about quarter of what he needs in a woman. The main attribute King Yella seeks is loyalty. Yella is looking for a rider in “Hold Me Down.”

Yella raps, “If I did a little time, would your ass still be here/All the sh*t that I did, I hope yo ass won’t disappear.”

Yella and Chase Bandz recorded a nice summer joint for all to rock out to. Yella and Chase Bandz are throwing a “Pool Party” and all bad females are invited.

King Yella’s clout is on overload. Yella assembled an all-star cast for his “Clout Remix,” including, Montana of 300, Billionaire Black, FBG Duck, Bo Deal, I.L Will and Mikey Dollaz. If you think the features on this joint is crazy, just listen to the record. They say seeing is believing. In this case, hearing is believing.

Yella hooked up with FBG Duck for song “Official.” Yella and Duck’s names hold weight not only in the music scene, but also in the streets.

Duck raps, “All you n*ggas so fu, that’s a damn shame/All these rap n*ggas, they some damn lames/All these new n*ggas tryna gang bang/I just flexed in a Porsche, Yella in a Range.”

Yella raps, “Unless you gang gang, boy, you not official/All you opp n*ggas softer than some tissue/Talking slick, might have some goons knock you out.”

King Yella didn’t disappoint. Whether Yella turns it up with hot drill music or slows it down for ladies, he delivers. I though it was a nice touch for Yella to utilize Spen City Beats for each track on this project. Some listeners prefer listening to different producers on a project while others would prefer a uniform sound throughout a project. I guess I’m more so a fan of the latter. I grew up in an era where rappers had one producer cook up their bangers, i.e, Cashmoney, Mannie Fresh; Ruff Ryders- Swizz Beatz. Yella is not afraid to continuously release music while experimenting with different sounds and styles. Yella’s “Clout King” is available for download on both iTunes and Live Mixtapes.

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