King Yella Reveals Truth About Rappers and Violence/Poverty In Chiraq: ‘Our City F*cked Up’

King Yella had a lot to get off of his chest. Yella opened up on fake rappers and the myriad of problems afflicting his hometown of Chicago aka Chiraq.

“A lot of these rappers in Chicago got the world f-cked up or messed up in their head to portray someone that they really are not,” he said. “Ninety-eight percent of these rap n-ggas in Chicago is not about the life they rap about. They probably got n-ggas around them that’s about that life, but most of all these n-ggas b-tches.”

Yella attributes the violence in his hometown to fear.

“All this killing goin on cause these n-ggas scared,” he said. “They need guns to kill cause they cowards. N-ggas ain’t gon fight. “…I’m not taking sides on this. I’m talking bout n-ggas on my side, they side, whatever.

“Everybody doing what the white man want them to do anyway,” he continued. “This what they want black people to kill each other. We ain’t doing sh-t but their job while they sitting back laughing.”

Yella even admitted some guilt to the issues he raised.

“I be bogus too. I still be on a little riddle, riddle and sh-t,” he said. “But I’m a lot smarter than a lot of you dumb ass n-ggas. You young n-ggas is dumb. A lot of old n-ggas dumb, it’s just some people that will never grow. That’s just facts, you know. If you see that hole and you keep falling in it… you already fell in it five times.”

Yella said these issues are far bigger than Chicago as it occurs in many cities.

“This ain’t just Chicago,” he said.

Yella even gave women a bit of words.

“You little females, too. Little girls wanna be gangsters and sh-t,” he said, “Yall ain’t even being ladies no more. Yall out doing a 1,001 d-cks. P-ssy bogus, fishy. …Passing Aids. Probably got Ebola up the ass.”

Yella revealed he sat back and observed his neighborhood froma different lens

“I was in the hood the other day, G,” he said. “I was just seeing the houses. I was seeing the hypes. 74th and Halsted. Boys [Cops] out there. What the f-ck wrong with our city, man? …We need help. People ain’t got no hope no more. This sh-t sad, G.”

Yella called for his City to come together to fix the problem.

“Chicago stand up,” he said. “Stick together, come together. Our kids the future. These kids f-cked up out here, too.”

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