King Yella Talks Being Cool With GDs, BDs, Vice Lords and Moes: ‘If You Ain’t With Me, You Against Me’

King Yella says he has no problems with members of different gangs. The Skeeze Gang boss told Zack TV he’s not only cool with GDs, but also BDs, Vice Lords and Moes. Yella says he shows respect when it’s due.

“I f-ck with real n-ggas,” he said. “… I f-ck with real BDs, I f-ck with the Moes, I f-ck with motherf-cking Vice Lords. …Whatever gang that f-ck with me, I f-ck with them… as long as they ain’t with the opp sh-t or all that goofy sh-t.”


Yella went on to elaborate on his relationship with BDs in the City.

“I got BD homies that ain’t got nothing to do with that sh-t,” he explained. “The streets, this sh-t deeper than rap. Real n-ggas do real sh-t. Real n-ggas f-ck with real n-ggas, period.”

Yella says he sticks with his circle.

“…If you ain’t with me, you against me, period,” he continued. “I don’t give a f-ck if you GD, BD… I’d smack the sh-t out of GD too if you ain’t with me. …N-ggas too fu gang in this city; a lot of snakes and crabs.”

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