Lil Chief Dinero and JB Bin Laden Talk Relationship With LA Capone and Violence In Chiraq

Lil Chief Dinero and JB Bin Laden sat down with Hip Hops Revival to open up on their relationship with LA Capone and discuss whether violence will ever cease in Chicago.
Chief Dinero regards Capone as his “brother.”
“That was my brother, too. Just from another hood,” he said. “We was close, motherf-cking ten years.”
JB Bin Laden called out those that claim LA Gang, but never the “Separate Myself” rapper.
“N*ggas not even really LA Gang,” JB said. “N*ggas don’t got them years in this sh-t. Folks really LA Gang.”
Lil Chief Dinero collaborated with Capone on song “With The Shits.” This single is one of Capone’s most popular collaborations before his demise.

Capone, born Leonard Anderson, was shot in the right thigh and lower back in September 2013 following a recording session at a South Shore studio. He was transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he was later pronounced dead. He was 17.
Chief Dinero and JB said the violence would never end in Chicago. Dinero blames it on hate.
“…too many hating motherf-ckers,” Chief Dinero explained. “See a motherf-cker getting money, they gon hate. N-ggas be yo closest mans a hate on you. Hell nah, this sh-t ain’t gon never stop. Motherf-ckers lost brothers in this sh-t. I know this sh-t ain’t gon stop on my end. I can’t talk for other motherf-ckers.”

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