Lil Durk and Booka600 Remix Meek Mill’s ‘We Ball’

Lil Durk and Booka600 hopped on the instrumental to Meek Mill’s “We Ball.”

Durk opens this track, rapping, “F**k a footage, Nuski died in my face/I know I lost my father I seen the color of the tape/His mama still mad, so I gave her a break/Break b***h, all OGS startin to think that I’m fake.”

Booka600 raps, “L’A lost his blood n***a/If it was me the one they always had star n***a/And we was havin to hide this scars/Long nights in them trenches shootouts bustin’/F**k the opps and smoke Rick up in the lobby,”

Check out Durk and Booka’s “We Ball” remix above.

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