Lil Durk Says He Started Autotune Rap

Lil Durk has differentiated himself from other artists with his use of autotune. Durk, in fact, credits himself with starting autotune rap.

“I came out the gate with it,” Durk told Rolling Stone. “With the autotune, the melodizing. Even Lil Reese was like ‘Damn bro, why the f**k you always singing?’ I’m like ‘Bro, that’s my style.’ If I were to let all that criticism get to me, I probably wouldn’t been here right here. I would’ve been trying to sound like somebody else.”

Durk said 50 Cent, Birdman, Meek Mill and Future even credited him with being the first to do autotune.

“I done had one-on-one talks with 50 Cent, Birdman, Meek Mill, even Future,” Durk said. “They be like ‘Damn, you started that sh*t.’ And just for them knowing, they paying attention. Just acknowledging and telling the truth instead of being like ‘I started that’ or ‘Rich Homie nem started that.’ It feel good for them to be like you started that.”

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