Lil Durk Wants To Move Children Out Of Chicago To Escape Violence

Lil Durk, a proud father of three, has plans to move his family out of Chicago. Durk spoke with Thomas Morton of Noisey in the “Chiraq” documentary to express his growing concern of violence plaguing his hometown.
“I’m gonna move to L.A., man. Move my kids out this s**t. Now I got kids. I’ma get them out of here,” he said. “As long as they safe and they good. They ain’t gotta worry about watching their backs where they at.”
Lil Durk fathered two sons and a daughter, including, Angelo, 2; Bella, 6 months old; and 3-month-old Zayden.

Durk stated in early November 2013 his children are the reason for his motivation.
“I got 3kids I gotta go hard fuck a bitch,” he wrote on Twitter.

Durk acknowledge there is violence everywhere, but said it’s different in Chicago.
“Violence everywhere, but we’ve got known violence in Chicago,” he said. “Like they killing kids. It’d be something real stupid happening like they killed that baby.
Durk previously expressed outrage at the senseless killing of 6-month-old baby Jonylah Watkins who was murdered upon getting her diaper changed on March 11, 2013.
Jonylah was shot five times in the lung, liver, leg, shoulder, and bowel, the Chicago Tribune reports.
Lil Durk posted a photo of baby Watkins to his IG account along with a passionate rant against violence.
“#repost this shit crazy Lil Niggaz go around shooting vans up that all look alike …not knowing its a baby in there …you Lil mfers that thirsty for a name if you really want a name Niggaz graduate from high school go to college get a degree make something of yourself make your family proud,” he wrote. “…killing babies go against every street code you Niggaz out here tweaking str8 up for a lol street cred so the guys can call you a shooter ….y’all not savages for shooting a baby you just dumb with no aim #fuckboyz.”

“Ni**as killin kids now smh dats y niggas die #idgaf period,” Lil Durk added on Twitter.
Durk also mentioned the death of Hadiyah Pendleton during his interview.
“When that died down a couple months later, a little girl got killed in the park,” he said.
Pendleton was killed Jan. 29, 2013 only a week after performing in President Barack Obama’s inaugural events when shots rang out in Harsh Park. The shooting occurred just a mile away from Obama’s Chicago residence.
Lil Durk recently took to Twitter to express his frustrations with violence against children.
“We gotta slow da murder rate up in Chicago on da kids n****s b****s,” he wrote.

“They do some of the dumbest s**t in Chicago, man,” Durk told Morton. “Best thing you can do is avoid it.”
Durk has had his share of tragedies in the past.
Durk suffered the loss of two friends in 2013 to gun violence, including Jerome “J Munna” Woods and Leonard “L’A” Capone.
Jerome Wood, known to friends and family as “J Money,” died after suffering a gunshot wound to the head on Labor Day 2013 in the West Woodlawn neighborhood. He was 21.
L’A Capone, an up and coming artist who hailed from Chicago’s 600 block, succumbed to injuries sustained in a Sept. 26 shooting upon leaving a recording studio. He was 17.
Durk commented on J Munna’s death via IG, writing, “Took my brotha away from me its all good doe we a see better days.”

Durk was equally distraught by the death of L’A Capone, “RIP lil bro @LAFRM600.”

Lil Durk is currently prepping the follow up to his “Signed To Streets” mixtape and his “OTF” album. The projects are slated to drop sometime this year.

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