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Lil Yachty Claps Back At Funkmaster Flex By Listing His Accomplishments

Lil Yachty is Hot 97’s favorite target to pick on due to his lack of lyrical ability. Funkmaster Flex continued the station’s bullying on Lil Boat by after inviting Murda Mook and Oun-P to freestyle on air.

Flex stopped Oun in the middle of his freestyle to call out mumble rappers.

“That’s called motherf*****n bars, n***a,” he said. “You know nothing about that! You know why!? Because you a mumble rapper Bow Wow! A mumble rapper! Lil Yachty, you don’t want nothing too!”

Yachty laughed off Flex’s criticism when a posting a clip of the DJ’s rant. He captioned his post, “bro dis s**t so funny.”

Yachty and Flex then engaged in a back-and-forth argument in the comment section.

Flex challenged Yachty to go “bar for bar” with Murda Mook.

Yachty decline.

“Lol bro I’m just enjoying life countin up my change,” he said. “None of this is that serious to me. Take a chill pill my guy. And I’m sure mr murda mooks would kill me in a rap battle… but ask him to see me in streams/sales/ or on the charts. It’s easy to write a verse but how easy is it to make a stamp on the culture?”

“You black and I’m black,” he continued. “I’m younger than you and I’m out here hustling, making a name for myself, feeding my family, promoting positivity and having fun and u upset because you don’t like my music lmao because I don’t have enough bars. I bet u haven’t even listen[ed] to my tape.”

Yachty went on to list his accomplishments.

“And n***a stop tryna [compare] every rapper,” he wrote. “I’m not Dave East n***a I’m Yachty the Grammy nominated sprite endorsing nautical creative director 19 year old millionaire mumble rapper… don’t u forget it!”

Check out the full exchange below:

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