Nas Says Chief Keef Is Trying To Find Himself

Chief Keef has grown to become one of the most controversial artists in this generation of Hip Hop. Not so wise decisions have continued to place Chief Keef in the grips of the legal system, but oftentimes, trouble appears to find him.

Many elders of Hip Hop have sought to reach out to Chief Keef steer him on the right path, including 50 Cent and Kanye West.

The latest MC to offer wisdom and support to Sosa is legendary Queens rapper Nas. Nas appeared in an interview with Revolt TV to explain the actions of Chief Keef and many urban youths just like him

“What people gotta understand is in the street you don’t exist until you do something to put your name in one of the history book pages,” Mr. Illmatic said. “People say ‘Why you go this way? Why would the guys do it?’ I say it too. You saw how the movie ‘Scarface’ end. You saw how ‘Paid In Full’ end. That street story from your man. You saw how he ended up. Why go the same route?”

Nas went onto explain the great lengths people that come from nothing and with nothing to lose would do to have something to call their own.

“Because people need to find themselves,” he explained. “When you out there and you think you have nothing. The smallest thing can give you some purpose. You made people scared of you. You demand some respect. You put fear in people’s hearts around you. You took something from this dude. You joined that crew and you about that life. Whatever you doing and you feel like now you can be counted.”

“So people don’t care about consequences because they feel like they’re starting from nothing,” he continued. “If you feel like you’re zero and you’re nothing then you’ll do anything because you don’t want to be nothing, you don’t want to have nothing. You want to do anything to feel alive. Anything can be a penitentiary chance you taking. But whatever it is, you going to do it.”

Chief Keef is currently prepping the release of his sophomore album “Bang 3.” The project is slated to drop June 10.

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