Birdman and Young Thug May Be Charged In Shooting Of Lil Wayne’s Tour Bus

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#Birdman and #YoungThug May Be Charged In Shooting Of Lil Wayne’s Tour Bus _ via @wsbtv : The Cobb County District Attorney’s office said Friday it will decide in the next couple of weeks whether to charge an Atlanta rapper and a record executive as co-conspirators in the 2015 shooting of Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter’s tour bus. _ Prosecutors claim Jimmy “Peewee Roscoe” Winfrey shot up the bus on I-285 after a concert as a way to gain status in a gang. _ One theory they initially floated was that Bryan “Birdman” Williams and Jeffrey “Young Thug” Williams put him up to it.

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Birdman and Young Thug are accused of being directly involved in the attempted slaying of Lil Wayne’s tour bus in 2015, WSB-TV reports.

The Cobb County District Attorney’s office reportedly said it would decide in the next couple of weeks whether to charge the two as co-conspirators in incident.

Peewee Roscoe was accused of being the shooter in the case.

Roscoe pleaded guilty in November to firing shots at Lil Wayne’s tour busses, according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Roscoe, born Jimmy Carlton Winfrey, filed the notice of appeal with attorney Steve Sadow in a Georgia court on Dec. 18, according to Billboard.

Roscoe reportedly pleaded guilty to five charges and was sentenced to 20 years, including 10 to serve in prison. He has since had the case overturned on an appeal.

Roscoe allegedly told Weezy he would spray his bus, according to an indictment obtained by WSB-TV.

TMZ reported Roscoe hinted Birdman’s involvement in the shooting.

Roscoe allegedly stated Birdman’s financial dispute with Lil Wayne led to the attempted hit. Winfrey reportedly argued, “[Birdman] should be held liable as a party to the crime.”

According to an indictment that was filed in June, Roscoe called Birdman’s cellphone immediately after the shooting.

Roscoe, armed with a .40 caliber and a 9mm handgun, allegedly drove a white 2015 Chevy Camaro onto Interstate 285 while pursuing Weezy who left an April 26 performance at the Compound in Atlanta.

Birdman and Young Thug were named in the indictment as being involved in a RICO conspiracy to kill Lil Wayne.

Roscoe arrested in May on multiple felony counts that include aggravated assault, terroristic threats and acts, criminal damage, possession of a firearm by a felon, criminal gang activity, reckless conduct and discharging a weapon near the street.

Young Thug hasn’t denied his affiliation to PeeWee and even launched a campaign to free him.

“We finna start this Free Rosco campaign,” he said. “I need everybody in this motherf *cking world to say ‘Free motherf*cking Roscoe.’”

Roscoe, 25, of Atlanta, is reported to have carried out the crime to gain higher gang status in the Bloods Gang, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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