Sacramento Artist Born Peezy Drops “Built To Win” Music Video

Sacramento rapper Born Peezy always bounces back from his losses, so how can he lose? Those Ls Peezy took made him battle tested, so he’s war-ready and “Built To Win.”

It also doesn’t hurt that the Sacramento artist got his guys to back him. Peezy’s supporting team make a cameo appearance in his Shooter P Did It and Kyle Jay Hulsey-directed music video.

Peezy raps, “I bully n****s, you can’t name a n***a that pressed me/All that straddling the fence a get your head beat/I’m an artist, not a rapper, I don’t talk I let my legs speak/Peezy keep a gleezy, mister turn him into dead meat.”

Watch Peezy’s “Built To Win” music video above.

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