Capo’s ‘Family Business’ Music Video Released Nearly 3 Years After Death

Capo recorded his “Family Business” prior to his tragic death on July 11, 2015. He was 22. Cap’s visual for the single has been tucked away in the vault until now.

Capo’s JRed Beats-produced song, which features a sample from the O’Jays’ “Cry Together,” is a touching tribute to his mother and grandmother.

The Glo Gang artist raps, “All my life, I had to struggling/Watch my mama struggling/She told me, ‘Son, you can’t trust these n*ggas cause they counterfeit/Remember first day of school, it wasn’t a thing I didn’t get/She did everything for me when we had no lights to switch.”

Cap spits a few bars for his big mama, rapping, “My granny in another state, she sick, she got a year or three/And she ain’t got too much time left, so I’ma hold my head, and when that happen, I’ma be there crying right beside her bed/But that’s gon make me stronger, I’ma think of all the things she said.”

Cap also rhymes about how crooked the streets and system can be.

He raps, “Where I’m from, sh*t get realer/Cops, they never find the killer.”

Check out this Gil Videos Visual-directed music video above.

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