Da Real Gee Money’s Friend, BLVD Quick, Shot and Killed In Baton Rouge

Da Real Gee Money camp suffered another lost this morning. BLVD Quick, 25, was fatally shot at an apartment complex in Baton Rouge.

BLVD Quick, born Ashton Wells, was found dead near an apartment at the Lakeside Villa Apartments, The Advocate reports.

Police have no suspects or motive for the shooting.

Da Real Gee Money was shot and killed upon leaving a record studio early in September 2017.

Gee Money, whose real name is Garrett Burton, suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the head.

#BatonRouge Rapper #DaRealGeeMoney Shot And Killed ?? Click link in bio for full story

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Gee Money, 22, was found around 1:30 a.m. in a parking lot, the Advocate reports. He died at the scene.

Scene of #batonrouge rapper #darealgmoney's murder ?? | photo cred: hilary scheinuk

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Gee Money’s baby mama confirmed the rapper’s death on her IG account. She posted several photos of herself with Gee Money celebrating their daughter’s birthday.

“2ndLast picture we ever took mane god please get me and family threw all this I need yu god please

“Best daddy ever we fuss and fight over stupid s--- for nun but I love yu & I hope one day to see yu again how the family & kids gone do it with out yu

“God please help us get threw it,” the captions on her posts read.

#geemoney's baby mama reacts to his death ??

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Many fans took to social media to react to news of Gee Money’s death:

Check out more music from Gee Money below:

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