DJ Akademiks Calls Dina Hashem’s XXXTentacion Joke ‘Disgusting,’ But Made Similar Joke About Lil Durk’s Cousin OTF Nunu

Comedian Dina Hashem is currently the most hated person amongst XXXTentacion’s fanbase following a tasteless joke she made about the deceased rapper.

Hashem joked about XXXTentacion’s fatal shooting in June 2018 during her appearance on Comedy Central’s show ‘This Week at the Comedy Cellar.”

“Is anyone still mourning XXXTentacion?” Hashem said. “He’s a rapper who was murdered. He’s dead now. He was shot, he was on his way to buy a car with $50,000 in cash and somebody shot him and took the money.”

She continued, “Which is very tragic, but I think also it would be a very good Venmo commercial. That’s the first thing I thought when I heard that. Like, ‘I don’t have Venmo, I should get Venmo.”

Comedy Central has since removed a tweet promoting Hashem’s XXXTentacion clip. The final cut of the episode was updated at the request of Hashem’s management team.

DJ Akademiks was one of the most vocal media personalities who had issue with Hashem’s stand-up routine.

Akademiks first took to Twitter to question the identity of Dina Hashem.

Akademiks wrote, “Who is that disgusting comedian who tried to make a wack joke about xxxtentacion death?”

Akademiks then took to his IG Page to call out the comedian.

Ak posted footage of Hashem’s stand-up onto his account with a caption, reading, “Disgusting… Rip X. We ain’t finna tolerate this. Comedy Central should b ashamed.”

Hashem has since apologized for the joke.

She posted a message on her Instagram page, reading, “I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, that’s never what I want,” she wrote. “I’m a comic and use jokes to try and make dark topics less painful but I realize not everyone feels that way, and I don’t want anyone to feel badly. It was taken down and won’t air on TV.”

Akademiks was not accepting of Hashem’s apology and took to his IG to slam the comedian, writing, “That trash a-- comedian who tried to use #xxxtentacion death for a tasteless unfunny joke now says the joke won’t air on TV and is copping pleas.”

Akademiks continued to bash the comedian on an episode of Complex Media’s “Everyday Struggle.”

“There wouldn’t be too many… I’m sure it wouldn’t be any funny thing if someone would try to make some type of light or joke about the Holocaust. Of course, it’s us n****s so anything is acceptable,” Akademiks said. “There was a couple things I found wrong.”

Akademiks went on to say Hashem’s joke had “racial overtones” and felt “tasteless.”

Ironically, Akademiks cracked a similar joke on a deceased Chicago rapper five years ago. It was actually his shtick to make fun of dead Chicago rappers and residents for many years on his War In Chiraq Youtube channel.

OTF Nunu, the cousin of rapper Lil Durk, was gunned down the afternoon of May 31, 2014 in South Side Chicago.

Nunu was sitting in his vehicle in a parking lot outside of Chatham Village Square mall at Cottage Grove and 87th Streets when he was shot multiple times, according to the Chicago Tribune. He was 21.

Nunu reportedly attempted to flee his assailant and ultimately crashed into a nearby store.

Akademiks posted a commentary shortly after Nunu’s death, saying the slain rapper should’ve used Amazon Prime, which is not much different from Hashem’s Venmo joke.

“OTF Nunu, he was reportedly at the mall at 3:19 p.m. Sounds about average, right? On a Saturday, you’re at the mall at 3 p.m. Yeah, that’s fine for every other city in the U.S. except Chiraq,” Akademiks said in his commentary. “It does not take a genius to make you realize if you’re in the war In Chiraq, you should not be at a mall during the time of war.”

He continued, “I mean n***a, what the f**k are you doing at a mall in midday in Chiraq? N***a, you should’ve been online shopping. Cop your gear from, Cop your little foot rims from S**t, you should get Amazon Prime account. They give you 2-day delivery for free. But n***a, you should not be at a mall in person, not in no Chiraq. Even then, if you using Amazon Prime or some type of online shopping. You should still be using a fake address. Because we all know, Chiraq savages, all they need to know is your location, they will catch you lackin some way, some how.”

Akademiks’ joke was much worse because he put out his commentary when Nunu’s body had not yet made it to the morgue, and still lied dead in his vehicle.

Hashem quickly issued an apology following the release of the controversial clip. It’s been five years since Akademiks released his “tasteless” and “disgusting” commentary on OTF Nunu and has yet to apologize.

Akademiks’ contradictory statements on the Dina Hashem/XXXTentacion controversy didn’t come without criticism from people who remember the Complex Media personality’s controversial “War In Chiraq” Youtube channel on Twitter:

If Hashem is, as Akademiks described, a “trash a-- comedian,” then what does that make the self-proclaimed Satirist?

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