ICE Drops Aggravated Felony Charge In 21 Savage’s Immigration Case

21 Savage has some more good news following his release from an immigration detention center Wednesday. 21’s attorney, Charles Kuck, told BuzzFeed News the Department of Homeland Security has dropped the rapper’s aggravated felony charge in his immigration case.

ICE tried to use 21’s 2014 felony drug conviction as a reasoning to deport him. 21’s conviction, however, was sealed and expunged last year.

21 now has to worry about his expired Visa. The rapper relocated from London to Atlanta when he was seven years old.

21 applied for a U-Visa in 2017.

Kuck told Buzzfeed he believes the case of 21’s deportation battle spotlights a macro-level issue in the U.S. abroad.

“I think this case is emblematic of a lot of cases where people are detained for not correct reasons, but they don’t always have resources to fight the system,” Kuck said. “This case is very emblematic of what happens in immigration court and detention.”

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