Jay-Z Gives Chief Keef A Shout Out In ‘Ape S---.’ Sneak Disses Tekashi69?

Jay-Z is rocking with Sosa. Jay gave Sosa a shout out in his new Beyonce-assisted album “Everything Is Love.”

In song “Ape S**t,” Jigga raps, “I’m a gorilla in a f****n coupe, finna pull up in the zoo/I’m like Chief Keef meet Rafiki, who been Lion King to you.”

Sosa was excited about the shout out. He took to Twitter, writing, “Jay Z shouted me out once again!!!! God damn… #RocNation I’m coming home.”

Jay may have also thrown a jab at Tekashi69 in this bar.

A fan suggests Jay dissed Tekashi when he said, “…Meet Rafiki, who been Lion King to you.”

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