Kodak Black’s Sniper Gang Protégé, Jackboy, Confident About Beating Charges

Sniper Gang rapper Jackboy is confident about his charges. Jackboy is sitting in Henrico County jail in Virginia waiting for his October court date.

Jackboy was released from jail only for a day when he was rearrested on an out-of-state warrant.

Jackboy spoke with WTVR regarding his charges.

“I got pulled over here like two years ago, going up the road to Baltimore… I caught a charge when I got pulled over,” he said. “I got out, went to Florida, got into something down there, then went to see my probation officer and they said I got violated and sent me back here.”

Jackboy is confident he’ll be exonerated of his charges.

“I’m confident I’m going to beat it, because it’s not even a charge it’s just a probation violation,” he said.

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