Lil Durk’s Artist OTF Boona Accused of Shooting a 6-Year-Old Boy At Atlanta Mall. Police Say He Dropped Cellphone at Scene

OTF Boona, born Michael Golden, has been arrested for his alleged involvement in a March 23 shootout that left four people injured, including a 6-year-old boy, in a parking lot at Cumberland Mall in Atlanta.

Boona, charged with four counts of aggravated assault, was taken into custody at Cobb County for his alleged crime Wednesday, Sept. 29. He is being held without bond.

Gunfire erupted between two cars that include a green Dodge Durango Hellcat that was occupied by Boona. Boona is accused of jumping out of the moving SUV and firing his weapon at the four victims.

The child was reportedly hit by a single shot while he was exiting a parked vehicle, “causing him to fall to the ground,” according to the arrest warrant obtained by Yahoo News. “The juvenile victim then had to crawl away to prevent being struck by additional rounds.”

The remaining victims Jokava Harris, 19, of Fairburn; Desean Powell, 19, of Atlanta; and Karanji Reese, 18, of Atlanta were arrested after police found guns and drugs in their vehicle.

Harris, who was shot in the foot while shooting at Boona, was charged with reckless conduct for firing toward several people at the mall while aiming for Boona’s car.

Powell was shot in the back by a single round, according to the warrant. Reese ducked between vehicles and was not hit, Yahoo reports.

Boona was later identified after dropping his cellphone at the scene of the crime. Police tracked Boona using the phone’s digital data and through social media searches, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

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