Lil Snupe’s Mom Reveals Son’s Killer Is Still Walking The Streets

Lil Snupe’s mom Denesha Ross took to social media to reveal she has not gotten justice for her son’s murder.

Ms. Ross is upset with Snupe’s father for clout chasing her son’s death by complaining about a headstone, and not actually helping her get justice for Snupe.

“If he really wants to help, he needs to get with me and see why we don’t have justice for our son,” she said. “Why is my son’s killer walking these streets? That’s what we need to be discussing. Not what’s going on at the gravesite.”

Tony Holden was originally suspected of being involved in Snupe’s murder, and had turned himself in for the incident.

Lil Snupe was reportedly murdered following an argument over a video game, according to MTV News.

A photo surfaced online showing the two playing the video game just hours before the murder took place.

Holden had three warrants for his arrest, including one count each of first-degree murder, armed robbery and illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, according to police records obtained by the Shreveport Times.

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