OriJinal Shotta and Icewear Vezzo Drop “Nebraska” Music Video

Omaha and Detroit got some pressure. OriJinal Shotta and Icewear Vezzo hook up for a hot collab in their Der Money-produced single “Nebraska.”

OriJinal Shotta is representing Nebraska well with stellar bars on this scorching hot record. Shotta opened this tracking, rapping, “Missed dinner, but a n***a sold a couple chicken tenders/N***s tender, cuffing h**s, you should’ve put that pack up in her/Switched rentals, ride around the globe with a big pistol/Got our issue, hit that 80 baby,let’s go find Crystal/Say it’s hot, we don’t give a f**k, let that b***h sizzle, you ain’t official, you can’t get the low to the new spizzle.”

Vezzo didn’t disappoint either, rapping, “Spent like 40 on my arm, this bout a brick of white/Got a gang full of thoroughbreds, you with a clique of mice/I pop a perc then activate, I’m a mud demon/Switchie on a b***h, it shoot back to back like gun bleeding/Made $10M for the fam, I got my son eating.”

This record is so hot, we predict listeners may be seeing more collabs from OriJinal Shotta and Icewear Vezzo in the near future. Watch their visual above.

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