Power 105 ‘The Breakfast Club’ Host Charlamagne Da God Talks Chief Keef’s Legal Woes

Charlamagne Da God recently sat down with Vlad TV to discuss the legal woes of controversial Chicago rapper Chief Keef.

Chief Keef, Charlamagne said, is the “prime example that money doesn’t change you, it just magnifies whatever you are.”

“So Chief Keef was already a crazy, gangster, gangbanging kid from Chicago who is now a multi-millionaire,” he said. “So guess what he’s going to be doing more of? Being gangster and gang banging.

“If you was breaking the law when you was broke, you think he’s going to break the law now that he’s rich? ‘Now that I got rich all of yall can suck my d*ck,” Charlamagne explained. “I’m moving out the hoods of Chicago. Why? Cuz there are other crazy motherf*ckers who look just like who are trying to kill me. So I’m going to move to the suburbs of Chicago, so I can protect myself, protect my family and protect this empire I’m building.”

Charlamagne believes the judicial system should understand Chief Keef’s predicament.

“I don’t understand what parole officer, what judge wouldn’t understand that,” he said. “I’m supposed to stay in the midst of the jungle and get ate by other lions? Or can I move out of the jungle and go live amongst the sheep and have all the sheep scared of me?”

Watch interview below

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