Rico Recklezz’s Detroit Artist Reacts To Getting Hemmed Up In The D

Rico Recklezz’s Detroit artist took to social media to respond to footage of him getting hemmed up in his hood. An OG had issue with the Recklezz Renegade rapper bringing Rico to the hood.

“A n***a would do any the f*****g thing in the world for f*****g fame,” Rico said. “Motherf*****s that you f**k with. I f**k with this big b***h. …N****s want that buzz. N****s wanna go viral. N****s ain’t getting talked about. N****s is some no names, so they wanna hop in other n****s beefs and start s**t with other motherf*****s just to be talked about. What is you mad for that we f*****g with Rico? Don’t Snap f**k with OTF? Ain’t OTF Chicago? Ain’t Durk Chicago? So when we f**k with the Chicago n****s, it’s a problem.”

Rico Recklezz pulled up to 7 Mile and Van Dyke in Motown early January. He was greeted by his artist Street King Mikey and his Mak Boys.


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“I’m in Detroit man on motherf*****g Mak and Van Dyke,” Rico said. “This s**t ain’t hard. We on Mak and Van Dyke. Rico Recklezz live from Chiraq. Motherf*****s tried to ban me from Detroit. Boy, I love Detroit. Do you know me and Detroit been f*****g with each other the long way. Shout out my big homie in Detroit.”

IM OUT HERE LINK UP ? #CANTBANME #Realdetroitniggazfukwitme ??????

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Snap later pulled on the same block as Rico.

“We right here. Look at that sign,” Snap said. “Y’all n****s just ran from my n***a Donny. Pull up. You tryna sneak through the City.”

Rico and Snap were involved in a heated shouting over FaceTime a few days ago after the Detroit rapper requested to put up $50,000 to fight Rico on the Soulja Boy and Chris Brown boxing card.

“Aye man, I don’t wanna hear no more bulls**t about this s**t, dog,” Snap said. “Y’all n****s want me on that motherf****g Chris Brown and Soulja Boy card. Tell him cause I see n****s scared to fight me. So we gon do it like this. Tell him cash gon bring him out. N***a, I got $50k. Put me on that card against homie. $50k, winner take all. Four rounds, $50k. Either bring that cash or shut the f**k up about this fight. 50K, tag whoever, I don’t give a f**k. I’ll box homie.”

Snap said he would no longer engage Rico to box after it was clear to him it wasn’t going to happen.

Look man, I’m done with that boy man. You keep calling, hanging up, saying what you saying a little bit, hanging up. When I talked to you the very first time, you clearly told me, ‘Yeah, Snap we can box. We can make money off this s**t. Now you mad because you got a real street n***a who can beat yo a--. Ain’t nobody say nothing when you was doing that s**t with Soulja Boy. You a do it for the Internet-type n***a. N****s know my rap sheet. I’m showing you n****s how b***h made you is. You was picking on Soulja Boy like Soulja Boy was a geek. Now you got a big bad wolf on yo f*****g head, you wanna get mad. All you gotta do is say, ‘Snap, I don’t wanna fight.’ So look, go your way, salute on your music and I’ma do me. Stop the Interne t s**t.”

Last month, Rico Recklezz accepted Detroit rapper Snap Dogg’s challenge to duke it out in the ring for $10,000.

But plans for the fight never materialized after Chicago and Detroit OGs stepped in.

Rico spoke on the issue during an interview with Hip Hops Revival.

“It was little shorty n***a named Snap Dogg from Detroit. N***a hopped on Instagram tryna fight Lud Foe,” Rico said. “Lud Foe didn’t wanna fight him. I don’t know why, but Lud Foe didn’t respond. …Then his lil b***h went on my s**t like it was sweet or something. Like what, I will fight you dumb a--. Then they had JoJo Capone call Trick Trick and they was like, ‘Man look, Chicago and Detroit, we cousins. Ain’t no fighting, we need to stick together. I’m like, ‘Ain’t no beef. I love Detroit.’”

Rico said the fight didn’t get set up because Snap Dogg might’ve took his loss too personal and retaliated with violence.

Snap didn’t see himself suffering a loss.

“All y’all motherf****rs keep tagging that Rico Recklezz n***a, y’all want me and him to fight, make that s**t happen,” Snap said on IG. “I ain’t got no problem fighting him. He can get it too. Lud Foe wanna act scary, so Rico Recklezz what’s up? Pulled up on Soulja Boy. Pull up in my city. Come to Detroit. Six round fight in the ring. Me and you. However you wanna do it.”

Rico didn’t back down from Snap’s challenge.

“You know I’m with it,” Rico said. “Set that s**t up. I’ll come out there and kick your a--, boy. And tell Rocaine too cause I saw Rocaine wolfing on Twitter, checked his temperature so fast. He ain’t want no smoke. Tell his b***h a--. And get the other dude, his a-- can box Ewol. And get the other, they can box Kellz. Set that s**t, we coming out there. And let’s keep it gangsta, go get your CEO. Ain’t yo a-- Glo Gang? Tell his b***h a-- pop out too. We’ll beat all yall a--.”

Snap said he doesn’t want to involve anyone else except him and Rico.

“It’s me and you. Don’t even call no other n****s out,” Snap said. “It’s me and you, and I’ma knock yo a-- out. I’ma give you a one-way ticket to bootville. I guarantee you’ll only last the third round. You think you got them b****s. I ain’t Soulja Boy. You talking to a n***a who blessed with these motherf*****g hands. I’ma set the s**t up. Trick Trick gon se the s**t up, and we gon bring your a-- to Detroit.”

Snap is sure of his boxing skills. He said he’d knock Lud Foe out in six rounds.

Name yo best rapper and put them in the ring wit me ??problemchild ?

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Snap wanted to clarify he is not beefing with Lud Foe.

“It’s not beef, just a nice fight that [money],” he wrote on IG. “[Half] these n****s can’t last two rounds. I don’t care about none of that power s**t. When you in that ring it’s a whole different ball game.”

Snap later showcased himself in a sparring match.

Snap wrote on IG, “They say o he hitting a bag well here go some light work and we only could do jabs on this one but it ain’t no beef wit @ludfoe_boochiegang I want to box what’s wrong wit that it can b any rapper tag em not gang cause b commenting n*ggas I Rock wit any body else a go.”

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