Scoobee Oh Boy Drops “Unforgettable” Music Video

Des Moines, Iowa artist, Scoobee Oh Boy, takes listeners on a journey with his “Unforgettable” song. Scoobee’s unique storytelling ability is captured in this visual shot by @TroyBoyTheBeast. The Iowa artist talks the upside and downside of hustling in this hot track.

In this song, Scoobee raps, “Long time ago, when my lil homie got robbed bro/20K, we were both hurting.. on top of that, had the plug callin/talkin bout some murder s---..tryna kill a n*gga on some other sh*t/and the crazy s---, it was his cousin too..sad s--- what this game a do…” Scoobee Oh Boy is bring storytelling back to Hip Hop.

Watch Scoobee Oh Boy’s “Unforgettable” Music Video below:

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