Swae Lee’s Girlfriend Arrested After Headbutting Him

Swae Lee was the victim of domestic violence after his girlfriend, Marliesia Ortiz, headbutted him during an argument at Los Angeles home last month, TMZ report.

Ortiz is accused of throwing objects at the “Black Beatles” singer before striking and delivering a headbutt. Ortiz was subsequently escorted out of Swae Lee’s home by security.

Ortiz attempted to get back at Swae making a claim of sexual assault to police. She changed her story once police arrived.

She admitted to police she initiated the argument by breaking items in Swae’s house and hitting him, but claimed he laid hands on her.

Police didn’t see any visible injuries on Ortiz or Swae. Police arrested Ortiz.

The L.A City Attorney is deciding whether or not to charge her with misdemeanor assault.

Swae seemingly responded to news of the domestic assault incident on Twitter, writing, “They’ll make up anything for a story about I’m truly baffled.”

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