Tameka Raymond’s Twitter Rant on “Down- Low” Gay Men

Tameka Raymond, Usher Raymond’s ex-wife, took to Twitter to share her opinion on undercover gay men and what they should wear. She said straight-looking gay men should wear “bright wristbands” rather than timbs, caps, or vests.

“I really feel that the ‘undercover’ gay guys that LOOK str8 should wear a bright wristband. Cuz this isn’t really fair,” she tweeted. “Timbs, caps, vests?”

Ms. Raymond received backlash for her rant, but was firm in her position. She asserted her position on “down-low” men who trick women into believing they are straight.

“Something I say Stand Up 4 it, but defensiveness is often associated with guilt,” she tweeted. “Again, my opinion.. but Guilt why? Guilt usually=wrongdoing.”

Was Tameka Raymond out of line or did she make a valid point? Kollege Kidds sound off on this topic.

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