Tay-K Hired Kodak Black’s Former Lawyer

Tay-K is hoping to beat the case despite doing the race. Tay-K, whose real name is Taymor McIntyre, is facing serious charges at only 17 years old. He faces a capital murder charge after being involved in a home invasion robbery that left a man dead last year.

With the odds stacked against him, Tay-K found it best to hire as strong a legal team as possible. Tay-K now has entertainment lawyer James McMillan representing him, according to the New York Times. McMillan is known for representing Kodak Black who is battling his own legal troubles.

Tay-K, McMillan said, “has this dire situation on his back, but this opportunity on the other hand. I’m tasked with trying to make sure we maximize his opportunities so he can mount as strong of a criminal defense as possible.”

Kodak, ironically, is a fan of Tay-K, and has suggested signing him.

“I might motherf*****g sign him, ya heard,” Kodak said on IG Live after hinting he may record a remix to “The Race.”

#kodakblack wants to sign #tayk ? #therace

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#kodakblack in traffic bumping #tayk's #therace ? should #projectbaby sign the Texas rapper ?

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Kodak Black showed love to Tay-K during first show since his release from jail in Miami. Kodak’s show featured guest appearances from many artists, including PnB Rock. Kodak and PnB found time during the show to rock out to Tay-K’s “The Race.”

#kodakblack and #pnbrock rock out to #tayk's #therace during show in #miami | cred: @wavylord

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Attorney Trent Loftin is also representing Tay-K who is scheduled to appear in court today (Wednesday, Aug. 30). Loftin said Tay-K “is ready for his day in court,” adding the teen was “upbeat and in good spirits.”

Tay-K’s possible capital murder charge carries a life imprisonment sentence or worse- the death penalty.

#TayK Is Facing The #DeathPenalty With #CapitalMurder Charge In #Texas ? Click link in bio for full story

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Tay-K is facing a capital murder charge for committing a murder during a robbery. He was one of seven people arrested for the murder of 21-year-old Ethan Walker during a July 26, 2016 home invasion robbery in Mansfield, TX.

He was placed on house arrest before deciding to cut his ankle monitor off in March. U.S. Marshalls captured Tay-K last month in New Jersey, and extradited him to Fort Worth, Texas.

Tay-K’s 16-year-old manager, Ezra Averill – who met Tay-K at James Martin High School as a freshman – credits himself with giving the green light to release the controversial “The Race” music video, which may have serious consequences on the rapper’s case. Tay-K mocked the law after posing with his own wanted flier in the visual.

“We hadn’t planned on dropping ‘The Race’ for a while,” Mr. Averill told the New York Times. “But when I saw that he was blowing up on Twitter, I was like, I just have to drop this.”

Tay-K is a suspect in another murder in San Antonio after fleeing house arrest, the Star-Telegram reports.

He is also accused of beating and robbing a 65-year-old man in Arlington’s Craven Park.

Old Man Reacts To Tay-K Giving Him Brain Injury ? Click link in bio for story

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Loftin believes Tay-K will be cleared of all of charges.

“Since Day 1, Mr. McIntyre has cooperated with law enforcement entities and maintained his innocence,” Loftin said. “We feel confident when all of the evidence is reviewed, Mr. McIntyre will be exonerated of all of the charges.”

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