Chicago Rapper TZO61 Spits a Sick Flow In ‘Wild Year’ Music Video

2020 was a year unlike no other. The world experienced 366 days of fear as COVID-19 sickened many. Chicago was not exempt. The Windy City got colder as it had to deal with not only the pandemic, but also its second deadliest year in two decades with 774 homicides.

For Chicago rapper TZO61, you can say 2020 was like a scene out of Jumanji. Not only did he wear a face mask to combat against the disease outbreak, he also had to fend off a nest of snakes.

TZ061 speaks on his homies snaking him in his new track “Wild Year,” rapping, “It’s been a wild year, it’s been a wild week, I’m just rapping off the top, this s**t a wild beat/When I’m done talking, tell them n***s now speak/Boy, my n****s stabbed me in my back to cut a mile deep.”

Knowing betrayal is one step away, TZO61 knows he has to stay 10 toes down as he raps, “Y’all be bringing n****s that you never knew around, I can’t do a show for you unless my whole crew allowed.”

TZO61 doesn’t need COVID to be ill as he spits a sick flow in “Wild Year.” Check out his TSIMS Films directed-music video above.

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