Rick Ross Releases Behind The Scenes Footage Of Trayvon Martin Tribute ‘I Wonder Why’ Music Video

Ricky Rozay is se to drop a music video for “I Wonder Why,” a tribute to Trayvon Martin.
Rick Ross was deeply disturbed by a jury’s decision to acquit George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.
Ross recorded the single to slam Zimmerman for his decision to follow and confront Martin.
Ross even samples Martin’s friend Rachel Jeantel courtroom soundbyte where she asserted the slain teen referred to Zimmerman as a “creepy ass cracker” when being followed.
Ross raps on the track, “Now, I’m being followed by a creepy ass cracker. Now, I’m being followed by a creepy as cracker. Stand your ground, stand your ground. You got to stand your ground. Got on my hoody and my motherf*cking desert eagle.”

Ross discussed his thoughts on the Martin trial and the possibility of boycotting the state of Florida during an interview of Power 106.
“As far as the whole Trayvon Martin situation, I’m angered. I’m upset…I’m bothered by that,” Ross told Power 106. “When I get home, I’ma look into the whole situation and just see how realistically that would take. I believe we are going to make a change, we are going to make a difference…I wanna do what’s best for the whole movement. And we’ll never let Trayvon Martin name die out. We refuse to do that.”

The single will appear on Ross’ “Mastermind” album.
Martin was only 17 when he was tracked down by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman after being deemed suspicious. He was later shot and killed after a confrontation with Zimmerman. He was unarmed.
Zimmerman was arrested and charged with murder 42 days after the Feb. 26 killing.
Zimmerman’s July 13 acquittal sparked nationwide protests on allegations of racial bias in the criminal justice system.

Check out behind the scenes footage of Rick Ross’ “I Wonder Why” music video

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