RondoNumbaNine Drops ‘OG Bobby Johnson’ Freestyle Featuring Edai & Cdai

Team 600 aren’t up next, they’re up now. RondoNumbaNine anchored his squad in his “OG Bobby Johnson” freestyle.

Rondo and 600 counterparts Edai and Cdai are all posted on Steve Drive in their “OG Bobby Johnson” freestyle.

Rondo commandeers this track, rapping, “I ain’t tryna hear s**t, b***h it’s f**k you, pay me/If I see a opp, I’ma put em on the f*****g pavement/Call me numba nine or Rondo baby/I be going crazy, b***h it’s (?)/I’ma pull up on a n****a up a couple glocks, with a couple 30 shots, and make a n***a diddy bop.”

Edai follows, rapping, “50 in the tanks plus a cooler/N***a, I ain’t chasing no h*es in the streets n***a, I’m just looking for the mula/Where I’m from, team 600 always upping Rugers/Pop a lot of pills got a n***a feeling zooted/I don’t gotta ask you don’t want war, you you?”

Cdai finishes this track, rapping, “Run up on his ass with the mop stick/I ain’t playing with his ass, I’ma drop him quick, then bail out, can’t tell now/Shoot a nigga look now they wanna tell now/Bullets float like boats make em sail out/F*****g on this thot make her yell out/When she done sucking d**k, she gotta bail out.”

This single will appear on Rondo’s forthcoming mixtape “Real Nigga 4 Life 2,” which is slated to drop on Feb. 18.

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