S. Dot aka Dotarachi and Mike Notez Are The Best Of Both Worlds In ‘Spending Valentines Day Alone’

S. Dot and Mike Notez’s “Spending Valentines Day Alone,” hosted by DJ Tazmania, is perhaps one of the most creative records to come out of the Chi. Dot opted to utilize the talents of an actual vocalist rather than go the auto tune route like so many other artists are doing in this generation of music. Dot’s rhymes and Mike’s notes proved to mesh well on their joint project.

Any true fan of Hip Hop and R&B should be able to recollect Jay Z and R. Kelly’s collaborative project “The Best Of Both Worlds.” Jay Z, the King of New York, combined talents with 90s and early 2000s King of R&B R. Kelly. What came from their collaborative talents was musical genius.

Well, S. Dot and Mike Notez are today’s “Best Of World.” I’m sticking with this until someone can prove me wrong, which I highly doubt. Yes, this project is that good.

Dot and Mike open this project with “Spending Valentines Day Alone (SVA).” Dot and Mike Notez spend the holiday dolo. But they’re not worried. They both would rather chase a bag anyway.

Dot raps, “Shawty said she loyal, I ain’t trusting that/Why you fronting yo move if you cuffing that/And I ain’t got nobody I can call at home/February 14, spend it all alone/No cuffin cause I don’t trust em, b-tches ain’t sh-t/I just f-ck em and whip their brains with the same sh-t.”

As Dot and Mike stated in their opening, they simple have “No Time” for thots. They will, however, make time for dead presidents.

Mike gets open on this record, singing, “I pull up in that foreign thing stunting/All that f-ck sh-t ain’t bout nothing/If she ain’t know I’m the sh-t, she gon be on my d-ck/Then she see my car start up with a button.”

Women love them a bad boy, but they go crazy for a savage. But Dot and Mike are too busy grinding in the streets to settle down. Furthermore, the life of a savage is cutthroat. Tomorrow isn’t promised for them.

Dot raps, “She want a savage like me, she tryna hang with me/But all I do is call out shots and play these streets/I be on that block, she say she pray for me/Because the opps might take my life, the jakes might throw a case on me.”

Dot and Mike Notez’s “Honors” is a real smooth record. It’s a guaranteed panty dropper. Dot spits game on this record. Dot’s player rhymes has him rapping, “You get my highest honors, I just gave em to you/You been acting right, I wanna cater to you/So bad, you gon make a n-gga put a baby in you/And we can take it there, I ain’t playing with you.”

Dot and Mike Notez up the tempo in “Yo B*tch.” The two artists got the women choosing. That’s not all. The kicker is these women are taken. Dot and Mike prove these h-es ain’t loyal and will go for anyone with clout.

Dot raps, “Damn, why she wanna feel it tonight/She say you ain’t d-cking her right/And you say that’s your wife?/I put this d-ck in her life and ever since then she ain’t been right.”

Dot and Mike Notez’s “Cum 1st” made its debut on “Call Me Dotarachi” mixtape.

Dot presents himself as a selfless gentleman on this record. Dot boasts his sexual prowess in pleasing his lady friend. He raps, “Legs up, lights out/She hit my line tryna get piped down/Give me a minute, on my way right now/I hit the door ripping off her night gown/I can tell you want it right now/We going at it, you would think it’s fight round.”

The dopest record on this project “Trappin,” no pun intended. The way the artists on this track switch flows is addictive. Dot says he no option but to jug his way to the top. He even asks the Lord for forgiveness in the. He acknowledges he’s doing wrong, but he needs to make money.

Much props goes to the guest artist who assists on this record. This artist’s name wasn’t provided in the title. This artist comes in rapping, “Me and Dot posted in the trap tryna make it back/Drop the work, hope it all come back/If it we don’t, we stretch it.”
Mike Notes even flows on this record, rapping, “Watch you want? Hit me up cause I’m trappin where my mama stay/Quiet in the cut, if you try me you gon die today.”

This track should be a radio hit.

S. Dot and Mike Notez’s project gave me that feeling of real music. This project was very much needed, especially in this era of auto tune. But, of course, many may say I’m biased. Honestly, I’m just being real. The overuse of auto tune is destroying black music. Key word- overuse. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this project. Most of the songs on this project were very easy to listen to. It’s also a project both men and women can vibe and get cool to. I’m pretty sure I can speak for a lot of people when I say Dot is one of the most talented artists in Chicago. Dot knows how to make a good song, whether it’s trap records or slow jams. He has a vision when he hits the studio. The idea of making a Hip Hop/R&B project may not be new. But making a good one is very difficult, especially on the underground level. It’s mind boggling that Dot and Mike Notez were able to put together of project of such high quality without big budget resources. Musical energy was flowing between these two in the studio. I’m already looking forward to their next collaborative joint. The more these two collaborate, the better they’ll become. It must be acknowledge they haven’t even reached their peak. Dot, I believe, just turned 20. That’s another reason his talent is scary. Not to mention, he’s very underrated. I really do encourage all to listen to this project. This really shows there’s more to the talent in the City than drill music. I’m already looking forward Dot’s “Call Me Dotarachi 2.”

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