Smylez Wants Dead Presidents In ‘Stain Gang’ Music Video, Featuring Big Dawg Piff and Robino

Smylez hangs with shottas and robbers. Smylez sets up a robbery with Big Dawg Piff and Robino in “Stain Gang.”

It’s like a scene from “Dead Presidents” in this Ogun Pleas Films-directed music video.

Smylez raps, “Ooh this n***a think he icy from the neck up/Caught him lacking at the doctor getting a check-up/RIP my n***a Josh, I’ma let him rest up/If I ever catch his killer I’ma light his dreads up.”

Big Dawg Piff raps, “All my n****s robbers, them 30 poppas/They done got us started, now they can’t stop us/I been hitting stains, eating steak and lobsters/I can hear the 12 talking to them coppers/When them bodies drop, I’m not the one who shot ya.”

Robin raps, “All my brothers takers, run up and rob you/We gon take yo sh*t up off you, don’t give us problems/Run this pipe up to yo noggin, proceed with caution.”

This visual comes as Smylez preps his upcoming project “Drill For A Deal.”

Check out Smylez’s latest visual above.

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