South Side Chicago Residents Protest After Police Taser & Fatally Shoot Raason ‘Lil B’ Shawn Multiple Times In The Back

Tensions flared early Saturday morning following the shooting death of Raason ‘Lil B’ Shaw. South Side Chicago residents cried police brutality and scuffled with officers of the Chicago Police Department after news spread of the killing.
Lil B was killed after suffering multiple gunshot wounds to the back from a plain clothes police officer.

The ordeal began after officers allegedly saw the 20-year-old St. Lawrence native and another unidentified person initiating a hand-to-hand drug transaction on 62nd and South Eberhardt.
The officer pursued Lil B through a gangway. Lil B hopped a fence and tripped. He allegedly stood and pointed a gun in their direction upon getting up.
The officer claims to have told Lil B to drop his weapon. He then opened fire after Lil B didn’t comply with orders. Police later removed a 40-caliber glock pistol with an extended clip from the deceased man.
Cousin Raekwon Harris had a different account on the events that occurred that fateful morning.
Harris told Fox 32 his cousin was first tasered by police. He said an officer then took out a gun and let off several shots.
Harris stated police stood over his cousin’s lifeless body with their guns drawn as he lay facedown on the ground.
“I pulled into the alley, and the officer was in the back yard standing over him with his gun down,” Harris recounted, according to the Sun Times. “So when I got there, he said, ‘Get back, get back, I will shoot.’ I’m like, ‘You gonna shoot? You just shot him. You gonna shoot somebody else?’”
Veronique Jones, another cousin, told ABC7 officers drew their weapons upon Harris.
“Police pulled his gun on him like he was going to shoot him, too, telling him to back up,” said cousin Veronique Jones. “Said he just seen my cousin layin there. He didn’t have no weapon or nothing. He was just trying to hop a gate.”
“He never posed a threat to them or anything. He had a warrant for his arrest that he knew of,” said friend Jay White, according to ABC 7. “So maybe that’s why he feared for his life and ran cause he didn’t want to go back to jail.
Witnesses told CBS Chicago Lil B was shot seven times in the back.
“He was running through the alley with no gun or nothing cause he just left us, so we know he ain’t had no gun,” a friend said. “Police shot him unjustified too many times in his back. He ain’t do nothing, man.”

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